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Baignoire luxueuse

Our Product

Our products are all those of buildings, namely wood parquet, gypsum and tiles as well as many others and quoting them would limit us because we also do tailor-made according to your requests to be filled in the estimate part so that we can you send a technician who will be able to understand your expectations and you offer the best by sending you a sample or inviting you to come to the office to see our product range.

Do not hesitate to collect as much information as possible concerning your custom requests, namely, photos, possible dimensions, dimensions or simply ask us to create the 3D graphic rendering that we do by our digital teams.

Prices may vary depending on quantities and delivery locations, but we have regular orders and we can move large stocks by grouping them with orders from our other customers not far from your home, which will be a benefit for you. because the price will be lowered because the date is already fixed

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