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Mayfair relief is a manufacturer of raw materials for the manufacture of private homes, buildings and hotels as well as stores, with different factories located all over the world, with attention to detail and an ever more accessible price and a concept unique delivery system anywhere in the world with a precise logistics system. Created by a construction company Tycoon Human located in Neuilly sur Seine near Paris, making luxury accessible is a priority for us. a homogeneity of your sites and above all a pleasure to provide you with what we create

Circulation urbaine

The made-to-measure

The tailor-made for us is a base of work with which we work enormously, nothing is impossible everything creates, your most particular requests are welcome so that the technical team of achievements can send you the 3d file of image concerning your product as well as the price and the manufacturing and delivery times


All our sales representatives are authorized to manage the supply of products for each specialty and you can reach them by email, by telephone by calling us directly or by filling out a contact form.


Mayfair Relief
French number : 0181938666 
6 rue d'armaillé 75017 Paris
978 11
8 404 R.C.S Paris 

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